Pistol sights under various lighting conditions

Recently a discussion came up in the Primary & Secondary Discord chat server regarding recommended pistol sights for defensive use. The two non-red dot suggestions that seemed the most popular were Tritium-based "night sights" (either front-only or all around) and a fiber-optic front sight with blacked-out rear.

Having a handful of different sight setups on a few of my Glocks, I figured it'd be handy to compare them side-by-side in various lighting conditions in a consistent manner. While I had my own feelings going into it, I found it interesting how similar the tritium and fiber options were with blacked out rears. Granted that was just when the tritium front sight came with a day-glo orange ring around it for extra highlighting, but I had expected the narrow fiber sight to have a clear advantage in all situations other than completely dark (which may be difficult to come up with a justifiable circumstance for).

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Compensators on Handguns

Posted this over at Primary & Secondary

Related to my previous post with the comped G17 under NVGs, I figured I'd test for myself how much the compensator was affecting my recoil with a G19 and G17. The Texas Black Rifle Co Micro Comp lends itself to being able to easily go on and off at will, so we shot some slow-mo of each setup to compare where the muzzle was going while firing at maximum speed.

These were just 10-rd mags shot at the beginning of a casual range trip, not a serious shakedown after rehearsing a bunch and burning it down at lightning speed - I'm not that fast and don't have monster grip strength or anything.