OTOA Conference

Last year I spent a week at the OTOA (Ohio Tactical Officers Association) annual training conference in northern Ohio providing photo coverage of their speakers, vendor show, range day and training classes spread out over the whole top of the state. It was a very busy week, but I had a blast and ran into some old friends.

I’ll be returning next week and will have a booth at the vendor show (#95 in the main room). Below is a slideshow of my shots from last year that you’ll see scrolling through on the TVs and screens during the event.

Ohio Tactical Officers Association Annual Training Conference June 3-7, 2019 Sandusky, Ohio - Kalahari Resorts and Convention Center

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New Construction Portfolio is Live

You may notice the new Construction portfolio that pops up on my homepage now. I wanted to feature the wide array of industrial photography that I’ve done over the past decade to bring sharp images to companies building new projects, both large and small. Shoot me a note if that’s something I could help you out with.

If you want to skip ahead in the slides, hit the button in the bottom-right that’s highlighted below and you’ll be able to scroll through thumbnails of all the images. Some of my favorite shots are in the Aerial section where I captured photos from drones while on the ground and from planes and helicopters while hanging out the window/door. Enjoy!

Small Business Website Design

I’ve helped a few small businesses update their web presences recently, and figured I’d show off one here that turned out great, for Black Knight Chimney, just north of Pittsburgh. After making sure all their Google listings were up-to-date, their existing domain was switched over to this new site where they show off their services, give a few ways to get in touch with them, and are able to push out News updates to their clients.

EarPro Clearance with Various Helmets

A question arose recently about the various cut options on the Ops Core helmets. They offer various heights of cut around each ear, from Mid-Cut which hangs over the ear, to High Cut which is slightly above the ear, to the Super High Cut which raises the opening even higher. While providing less ballistic coverage square-footage, many users prefer the additional clearance for ear protection and communication headsets

Their Maritime ballistic shell material is lighter-weight than most competitors and was the state-of-the-art until their latest FAST SF line arrived. As far as I know, it’s been offered in both the High and Super High Cut configurations, easily distinguished by the number of vertical rail slots behind each ear.

Below I’m glamorously modeled a few different sets of earpro with various helmet cuts. You’ll see across the three columns, bare, MSA Sordin Over-the-Head (OTH), then Peltor Behind-the-Head (BTH) and down the rows, bare, Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut, Ops-Core FAST MT Super High Cut, then Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic helmets.

You’ll notice on the High Cut there is some interference with the top of the Sordins, whereas both the Super High Cut and the Team Wendy offer clearance. The OTH headset works well in a semi-permanent capacity by removing a middle pad from the helmets and tucking behind the suspension - then they remain ‘attached’ to the helmet when donning/doffing.

The Peltor BTH model hangs low enough on the back of the neck to prevent interference with the rear suspension adjustment dials and is compact enough to fit under the regular High Cut Carbon helmet. Issues arise when latching the chinstraps, as the rear strap presses on the BTH strap and wires.

I prefer the BTH for times when I’m putting the helmet on and off a bunch, to share with others or do photography work - the ears can stay on to retain hearing protection as the helmet is removed. The OTH Sordins fit nicely when spending a bunch of time in the helmet, but lock you into needing to wear them full-time. A solid option is to get helmet-mount adapters like in the bottom photo, with the Unity Tactical MARK system. Then you can rotate the ears out of the way for venting or passing the helmet.

Overall, having the Super High Cut or EXFIL profile helmets offers reduced issues with various earpro options and some recent sales have made them much more attainable for those of us that buy them for ourselves.