Compensator Through NVGs

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I've seen guys ask about comped guns through NVGs. Took a quick video through my Mod3s this evening, fired a few shots through a RMRed G17 w/ the TBRCI micro comp that I just put on it. As you can see in the "slow-mo" at the end, the nods autogate down immediately after the flash, then come back up to normal brightness.

It happens faster than I brought the gun back on target, so is not affecting my usage of the gun. I'll let the experts comment on whether this is bad for the tubes or not - my uneducated opinion is that it's perfectly fine and not hurting a thing. Same sort of thing happens without a comp, but probably to a bit lesser extent.

I'd be interested in filming the same thing through my iPhone on the actual slow-mo setting to see a more granular view of how the nods are stepping down and back up in brightness and/or refresh rate - maybe this weekend.

**note the blown out triji front and rears - 3 dots. def not the best option if you don't have a bunch of extra light to be able to close down a tarsier or front cap to give you better depth of field. They wash the sight picture area out pretty bad.