Working, Working...

Seal of the City of SitkaI'm just over halfway through my first week at the new job, interning for the engineering department of the City of Sitka. Everything's been going really well - sometimes it's tough to find something to do, but I've got a couple projects to work on now and it looks like the rest of the summer should go just fine. It was cool to pick up the paper tonight and see the photo on the front page that had a wooden pipe that I had done some research on this morning for my boss and see his boss quoted in the article.

Bryanne and I had to bring some old (1940's on) blueprints and file cabinets out to the archives at the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park out the road and some of the empty offices looked like great spots for shooting some photos - I'll have to see tomorrow if I can get a hold of the right people to get me in there on the weekend sometime... I'd love to get up on the roof of the city building too, I saw the ladders for that from behind the office this afternoon and it just got the roof-exploring side of me all excited.

P.S. - I've got a link to my 'photoshelter collection' photos, pictures that have been approved by professional image editors for sale online. It's kind of the creme de la creme of my photos, so feel free to take a look. And hey, if you're a photo editor or creative director yourself, feel free to give me a ring sometime, I'd love to chat  :)