Ecuador, coming to an end...

Wow, what a week it has been! I just haven't had the time to put any updates up - what with all we've been up to. Super-ultra-brief-recap:________________

Mon, Tues, Wed: Door to door evangelizing in the morning/afternoon Helping with Vacation Bible School in the afternoon Visiting/sharing at house churches in the evening

Thurs: Our day off - checked out some of the sites, got to hang out with some of our new Ecuadorian friends

Fri, Sat: Flood relief in Salitre - out in wooden canoes handing out food/supplies/water to people who have had everything destroyed - crops, animals, houses, spirits

Sun: We'll be flying out in the afternoon, arriving in D.C. around midnight, driving back up to the 'Burgh and going to class at 9am Monday morning! ________________

I can't wait to send out a full summary to everyone - especially all those who God used to help support us financially and in prayer - thanks so much for the essential part that you played in this mission trip.