Shooting Training Courses

Just updated the events section of the portfolio with a couple shots that I took while covering and participating in some training courses. I've partnered with a number of firearms trainers to provide them with high quality photos to include with their after action reports (AARs) and marketing materials. If you're a firearms educator, I'd love to come out and take some photos and video for you. I'll definitely be bringing my rifle along to learn something along the way, too :)

Here's where I upload galleries for student download and printing.

Provided aerial video services for Black Heart Consulting's Sniper Course.

Going aerial

I've recently gotten into the aerial flight and photography game with something called a Phantom 2 from DJI, who have an office in Austin, TX and are based out of Hong Kong. This particular multirotor has four motors and is operated by a set of joysticks over 2.4 GHz. It holds a GoPro Hero 3-series camera with a stabilized gimbal and I've set it up with a first-person-view (fpv) system that allows me to receive a live video feed at the ground.

It sure has been a blast, with a bunch of learning along the way. Here's a couple of stills:

And here's a few videos that I've put together of flights here in Pittsburgh and from a recent trip to the coast of Maine:

Freshening things up


It's been almost two years since I've touched this site. If we're already connected on FB, you've seen that Sarah and I have kept busy and on the road all the time. I've finally gotten around to freshening things up here on the website and will try to continue adding some of my favorite photos.

If you're just arriving here, please get in touch! I'd love to talk about how I could fit your photography needs or answer any questions you might have.

Too busy

With my current job in the oilfield abroad, I've just been too busy too keep this blog updated with my recent work. With my recent change to a rotation schedule, I'm hoping to do some more photography work back in Pittsburgh, especially with my wedding coming up. Sarah and I will be flying out to California for the honeymoon and I'm looking forward to making some nice images along Rt 1. Will be back some time!